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Top 10 hospital technology hazards for 2017

Health technology continues to get more advanced. And while this can improve patient care, it also opens up hospitals to a new set of dangers they may not have imagined before. What should your facility have its eyes on for 2017? To give facilities guidance, the ECRI Institute has issued its annual list of top […] [MORE]

Nurse caught sucking used Fentanyl patches — out of the medical waste bin

Who knew drug addiction could turn into an environmental crime?

Toddler pricked by contaminated needles left on clinic floor

Apparently, leaving a bio hazard bin with a broken top on the floor of an exam room is a bad idea.

10 medical devices are potential time bombs

As much as technology has helped advance medicine, it can have a harmful side, too. When broken or used improperly, devices meant to heal can harm — or even cause death.