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Patients play role in promoting hand hygiene

Getting clinical staff on board with hand hygiene is essential to stopping the spread of disease in hospitals. To do so, many facilities are making patients more active partners in reminding their providers to wash their hands, and they’re using unique tactics to do so. 

2 strange cues that could boost hand-washing rates

Despite its importance, it can be tough to make sure hospital staffers remember to follow correct hand-hygiene protocol. Now, new research shows that two odd cues may prompt more doctors and nurses to wash their hands. 

How cloud computing tech can improve hand hygiene

Monitoring whether doctors and nurses are following best practices for hand hygiene can be an inexact science. But new technological innovations are changing the game, making it easier to track just how often staffers are washing or disinfecting their hands. 

Hand hygiene: Keys to compliance

The easiest way to prevent infections in patients is practicing proper hand hygiene. But hospitals across the country are missing the mark. A new report describes just how lax hand-washing practices are in many facilities – and how to improve adherence to hand-washing guidelines. 

Are these hidden HAI risks hurting your patients’ safety?

Many hospitals aren’t taking the correct precautions to protect patients from a common infection risk from hospital staff. 

Hand washing: How one hospital achieved nearly 100% compliance

While hospital staffers know that good hand hygiene is the best bet for cutting down on germs, it may not always be their biggest priority. One hospital came up with a unique, multifaceted strategy for boosting hand-washing rates.

Your doctors may have poor hand hygiene: How to fix it

Looking to reduce infections in your hospital? You may want to get on your doctors and remind them about hand hygiene.

Gross! Docs’ use of latex gloves is spreading germs

Attention all germophobes: Latex gloves may actually worsen the hand hygiene of health care workers who wear them.

Hand washing: More likely at the mall than the OR

Here’s some news no one wants to ponder for long: Random people in public bathrooms have better hand washing habits then doctors working in U.S. hospitals.

Same-day surgery centers offer a free side of sepsis

Same-day surgery centers provide more than just quick procedures — they can be a fast way to get an infection, too.