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How healthcare facilities can improve cybersecurity

The healthcare industry continues to be a favorite target of hackers. And the only way this will stop is for hospitals to take control of their technology. In this guest post, Keenan Skelly, VP of global partnerships and security evangelist at a market leader in next-generation cybersecurity readiness, offers a few ways facilities can strengthen […] [MORE]

Your medical devices are vulnerable to newest security threat

Cybersecurity is crucial for hospitals, especially regarding the medical devices your facility uses every day. Unfortunately, protecting these devices from hackers and attacks can be tricky, and tactics used to gain unauthorized access are growing more complicated and complex. 

Lessons from 3 big cybersecurity disasters at hospitals

You don’t want your hospital’s sensitive patient protected health information (PHI) to fall victim to hackers – and risks are everywhere. So your facility must do everything in its power to prevent problems. 

Security threat: Hackers hold hospital data hostage

Hospitals need to be vigilant with their cybersecurity so they can protect themselves against outside attacks from hackers. And it could cost them more than just fines for data breaches – some attackers are holding hospitals’ electronic health records (EHR) systems hostage. 

MacBooks and infusion pumps may be at risk for hacking

New cybersecurity threats continue to emerge in the healthcare industry — and now providers have to be careful about new cybersecurity risks in two commonly used devices. 

Newest cyber security threat — your current medical equipment

Cyber threats to your hospital may not just be from computers. New research shows that most of your medical devices could be vulnerable to hackers. 

4 new security threats healthcare providers will face in 2013

The healthcare sector is increasingly being targeted by cyber criminals. What are the new threats providers must watch for? 

Viruses attacking medical devices are rampant, warns government panel

Many medical devices run computer software, and therefore are vulnerable to the same malware attacks as other computing devices. And the threat to patient safety is rapidly growing, said participants in a recent government panel. 

Study: Medical device security isn’t well reported

Many medical devices connect to providers’ networks, meaning they could be vulnerable to security attacks, just like any other network-facing computing device. And according to one study, the government isn’t doing enough to track risks and enforce security. 

Hackers hold EHR data for ransom

While healthcare organizations are no stranger to IT security attacks, this recent breach of EHR data contained a unique twist.