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2011 flu vaccine: What you need to know

Flu vaccination season is in full swing. Here’s the information practitioners and patients alike will be looking for.

Why don’t people trust vaccines anymore?

We saw it last year, when millions of doses of the much-ballyhooed H1N1 vaccine went unused: Some of the people who are most concerned about their health refuse vaccines for themselves and their kids. What gives?

Hospital fined for violating safety standards

Nurses’ inadequate access to key infection control equipment and related safety violations have landed one hospital in hot water with several federal agencies.

CDC to change flu vaccine recommendations

Anticipated changes to the recommendations for who should get a flu vaccine will have many practices and hospitals juggling an increase in patient requests and questions.

H1N1 toll: 57 million ill, nearly 12k dead….and still counting

It may have finally slowed down, but there’s no debating that the H1N1 virus took a heavy toll on the American health care system.

10 challenges that’ll keep you awake in 2010

Health reform, cost cutting and increased regulation are only three of the 10 industry-wide challenges predicted for 2010.

Hospital fires 9 who refuse H1N1 shot for religious reasons

Few hospitals have gone as far as The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia in requiring staffers to get the H1N1 flu vaccine.

Confirmed: Flu moving faster than vaccine, but patients are still calling…

Whatever the feds’ projections indicate, local health authorities are saying loud and clear: H1N1 vaccine supplies are being distributed too slowly to stay ahead of the flu.