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How much alcohol abuse is there in assisted living?

Heavy boozing isn’t the first problem most people think of when they consider the risks of  assisted living — but a new study indicates it should be on the shortlist.

Hospital delirium: Growing threat in geriatric care

Increasing numbers of experts are calling for “hospital delirium” prevention programs as a way to reduce this major risk to patients. 

Trends: Who’s most likely to wind up in the ER

Who uses ER services the most? Believe it or not, it’s not the uninsured.

Cancer costs double in 20 years; some payers feel more pain than others

It’s not news that cancer costs have increased dramatically in the past 20 years. But who’s paying more — and why — might surprise you.

Why are some docs now referring patients to lawyers?

Just how comprehensive should health care be? New programs that marry medical care and legal aid are changing how the two disciplines interact.

Are nursing home patients being drugged into submission?

New research shows that nearly a fifth of seniors in nursing homes are receiving psychotropics they don’t need. In some states, that number is much higher.

Can a pat on the head improve patient compliance?

Patting themselves on the head could help patients remember to take their meds. Seriously.

Grandpa-on-grandpa crime: Nursing home sees wave of violence

Yet another nursing home resident is accused of killing a fellow patient — this time over a pot roast.

Nightmare at the nursing home shines light on geriatric care crisis

A 100-year-old woman was allegedly strangled by her roommate at a nursing center — just steps from the nurses’ station. Could staff have prevented it?