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Fraud or compliance issue? Supreme Court hears debate on ‘implied certification’

A case being heard by the Supreme Court could have far reaching consequences when it comes to healthcare fraud. 

Avoid this hospital’s $1M mistake with your vendors

When you’re making improvements to your hospital, it’s crucial to carefully vet vendors, whether they’re IT companies or equipment providers. One Texas hospital didn’t. The result: a huge hassle and over a $1 million loss.

Medicare strike force sets record for fraud prosecutions

In its eighth year of rounding up the “bad guys,” the Justice Department’s Medicare fraud strike force has set record numbers for healthcare prosecutions in Fiscal Year (FY) 2013.

Two hospital execs face life in prison for Medicare fraud

The CEO of a Florida psychiatric hospital and her three co-conspirators were convicted on June 28 for their participation in a Medicare fraud scheme that involved nearly $70 million in fraudulent billings. 

Medicare Fraud Strike Force: 89 people arrested for $220 in false claims

In its sixth coordinated takedown, the Medicare Fraud Strike Force charged 89 people in eight cities for their alleged participation in Medicare fraud schemes that netted approximately $223 million in false billings. Among those 89 individuals were doctors, nurses and other licensed medical professionals.