Healthcare News & Insights

Woman’s breast implant saves her life during stabbing

Medical procedures sometimes have unanticipated downsides — in this case, a patient received an unexpected benefit.

Freelance breast examiner reaches plea agreement

Sure, it’s breast cancer awareness month, but this is the wrong way to mark the occasion.

Brain-eating amoebas claim fourth U.S. victim

A fourth person appears to have died from infection with the so-called “brain-eating amoeba” this summer.

Florida’s tough moves help shut down ‘pill mills’

The state known not-so-affectionately as the Oxy Express is making headway in shutting down clinics that seem to exist to hand out questionable prescriptions.

Nurse pleads guilty to $25M Medicare fraud scheme

A Miami-area nurse has pleaded guilty to her part in a huge scam.

Two docs indicted for fraud & over-prescribing patients to death

Two doctors face potential life sentences for charges they defrauded multiple health plans and over-prescribed narcotics which led to four patient deaths.

More OB/GYNs refusing to see heavier patients

If you’re overweight be warned: There’s a good chance your first-choice OB/GYN will refuse to see you.

Did medic use victim’s severed foot to train her dog?

A Florida firefighter and emergency worker has been accused of taking a car accident victim’s severed foot home with her. 

Nurse sues employer after missed infection leads to amputations

A missed bacterial infection led to sepsis in an experienced nurse — and the amputation of her nose, both legs and most of her fingers. Up next: A major lawsuit.

Hospital CFO faces 90 years in jail over missing grant money

A messy money-laundering operation has been uncovered in Florida, and a local hospital is at the heart of it.