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When does it make sense to invest in medical technology not yet approved by the FDA?

For a variety of reasons, most hospitals are leery about investing in medical technology that hasn’t been approved by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA). But in this guest post, Michael Garcia, RN, JD, senior VP of operations at a Houston hospital, will share the story of how his facility did just that.

Prepare for another cybersecurity threat

New cybersecurity vulnerabilities are threatening hospitals’ mobile health (mHealth) devices. 

FDA releases rules on mobile health apps

As mobile health apps have become more popular, some tools have appeared that could do more harm than good for patients. But now there’s some good news: The Food and Drug Administration has created guidelines for apps to help keep patients safe. 

Mobile health apps create privacy risk, study says

Patients want to use smartphones and tablets to help manage their own health. However, a lot of popular mobile health apps create privacy and other risks. 

Warning: More drugs linked to fungal meningitis outbreak

Here’s something all physicians at your hospital need to know: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has added two more drugs to its watch list for fungal meningitis outbreak.

Statins to get new warning labels about diabetes risk

Several popular cholesterol-lowering drugs are about to get updated warning labels that may scare off some patients.

Should FDA have looked into TSA’s use of back-scatter devices?

A recent report indicates that the feds implemented controversial back-scatter X-rays throughout airports despite legitimate safety concerns from experts on radiation and public health issues.

Obama takes action on growing drug shortage crisis

The nationwide shortage of key medications is finally getting some attention from the White House.

New pill design could keep generics out of reach longer

Something as simple as adding a score mark to a pill could be enough to keep competition from generic pill manufacturers at bay.

The scary truth about two common drugs

A potentially dangerous side effect of two commonly prescribed drugs was just uncovered — and the way it was found is just as interesting as the actual side effect.