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Prevent patient falls in your hospital

Patient falls are a major concern for any hospital, since patients are often at their most vulnerable and confused while hospitalized. Having clear and thorough fall prevention methods can go a long way toward making sure your patients stay safe during their hospital stays. 

Why e-prescribing may increase patients’ fall risk

E-prescribing through an electronic health records (EHR) system can be beneficial in hospitals for many reasons. But it can also cause problems in some cases – particularly regarding preprogrammed doses of medications for vulnerable patients who may be at risk of falls. 

Video monitoring increases staff adherence to safety protocols & quality of care

It’s not difficult to imagine scenarios where mistakes could happen in operating rooms (OR). What’s difficult is making sure they don’t happen. Many hospitals have taken steps to prevent errors like improved communication, universal protocols, surgical time outs and safety checklists. But one New York hospital took a major step to prevent OR errors. 

Bed alarms may not be best at reducing incidents of patient falls

Hospitals rely on many tools to prevent patient falls, but are all of them effective? A new study focusing on bed alarms finds that, on their own, they may not work as well as once thought.