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Direct messaging benefits beat its cost, but not on Facebook

With technology connecting people everywhere at all hours, hospitals are beginning to take advantage and use those tools to connect with partners and patients — and improve care. 

Sharing the health: How hospitals can use social media

There’s another strange tool hospitals should consider using to improve patient care and manage diseases — social media. 

Are your hospital’s employees spending too much time on Facebook?

One impact of the greater use of technology in health care: It gives employees more opportunities for distracting personal Internet use. 

Study: Facebook ‘likes’ an indicator of care quality, patient satisfaction

Hospitals looking for a quick way to gauge the quality of their care may look no further than their Facebook pages.

Infographic: Patients using social media for healthcare, but hospitals aren’t

In addition to researching information about their own health, people are turning to social networks to communicate with other patients, share their opinions and ask for advice. 

What makes a successful Facebook page for hospitals?

Is your healthcare organization considering using social media for marketing and patient outreach? If so, here’s one of the biggest keys for the project’s success: 

Social networking campaign added $8.2 million in revenue, hospital says

To improve care outcomes – and prevent readmissions that may lead to new Medicare penalties – many hospitals are striving to help patients become more educated and involved in their own care. One tool that can help: social networking. 

Facebook initiative boosts number of organ donors

As the latest example of social media’s increasing importance in healthcare, a new Facebook feature allows users to publicly register as organ donors. 

Health pro faces charges after posting patient photo on Facebook

Apparently some employees need a reminder: Don’t post photos of your patients’ genitals on Facebook.

Ex-employee posts patient photo on Facebook, gets charged with privacy violation

Facebook and other social networks have given healthcare employees new ways to violate patient privacy – and organizations a new reason to offer updated HIPAA training.