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Mom claims hospital denied transplant over child’s disablity

Is an intellectual disability reason enough for an organ transplant to be denied? A developing case highlights the clash of several ethical dilemmas.

Study: Advanced directives work for patients and providers

There’s new proof that advanced directives help patients get the care they want — and ease the burden on health care providers.

Doctors’ attempt to silence patient reviews backfires

Some health care providers are attempting to squelch patients’ complaints. And the tactic could be bad news for everyone.

Did medic use victim’s severed foot to train her dog?

A Florida firefighter and emergency worker has been accused of taking a car accident victim’s severed foot home with her. 

Kidney transplant criteria may be slanted in favor of younger patients

The organization that oversees donated organ allocation is considering the largest overhaul of the system in a quarter of a century.

How far can you trust your pharma-rep doc?

A new investigation shows that doctors drug companies hire as speakers and advisers aren’t always the best and the brightest in their fields. Some of them are outright criminals.

Study: Burned out med students more likely to give poor care

The stresses of medical school may have some value as a way of testing students’ mettle, but it comes with a real cost.

Hospital CFO faces 90 years in jail over missing grant money

A messy money-laundering operation has been uncovered in Florida, and a local hospital is at the heart of it.

Nurses posted dying patient’s graphic photo on Facebook

Note to emergency room personnel: Refrain from taking grisly photos of dying patients and posting them online.

‘Don’t tase me, doc!’

More hospitals are using stun guns as part of their security programs– especially in the emergency department. Should they be?