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Infectious disease outbreak: How hospitals can brace for impact

No matter what it is – coronavirus, flu, etc. – epidemics can strike at any time. Is your hospital ready? In this guest post, Scott Cormier, VP of emergency management, environment of care and safety at Medxcel, explains how you can keep your facility safe by preparing now.

Largest U.S. outbreak of measles highlights risk of non-vaccination trend

It’s the biggest U.S. measles outbreak in 15 years — and it’s being blamed on parents who choose not to vaccinate their kids.

Emergency planning: Many hospitals fall short

One-third — or more — of hospitals have glaring gaps in their emergency response plans.

Vote & Vaccine: Key to preventing the next epidemic?

Avoiding the next epidemic could be as simple as vaccinating people at their polling places.

Regions that saw spring H1N1 outbreak spared so far

While H1N1 is officially “widespread” throughout the country, certain areas of the country are seeing less activity so far this season.