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Patient confusion costs billions a year: What hospitals can do

From payors to providers, there are a lot of levels to health care. Patients often complain about the healthcare industry being difficult to navigate, and their confusion can be expensive. 

Spot & stop medication nonadherence with data analytics

Patient nonadherence to medication is one of the biggest problems facing providers and hospitals today. Treatment doesn’t work if someone doesn’t follow instructions, but how can facilities spot those patients – and convince them to change their behavior? Strategic use of patient data can help. 

New study finds 5-minute conversation improves patient satisfaction

Taking the time to talk to patients can be beneficial in more ways than one. In fact, a simple five-minute conversation with hospitalized patients can significantly improve their satisfaction, according to a new study from the University of Virginia (UVA). 

How hospitals can best leverage social media

Social media is changing how patients interact and perceive their hospitals and physicians, but it isn’t all good news for your facility — there are serious risks involved with these online tools. 

Put your heart into delivering patient-centered care

“Patients come to us for high quality care — but they don’t like us very much.” That was the sentiment of Cleveland Clinic’s CEO, Dr. Delos “Toby” Cosgrove, when he took the reins at the Ohio mega-healthcare system 10 years ago. 

Older patients want online tools, too

We’ve discussed before how patients are relying more on online resources to find information about conditions and treatments, providers and other healthcare issues. And a new survey shows the use of the Internet is growing even among unexpected demographics. 

Texts from providers help chronically ill patients

As healthcare providers are looking into new ways to engage patients and interact with them, a study shows the benefits text messaging can have for patients and their doctors. 

Most doctors monitor their online reviews, survey says

While many physicians think it doesn’t matter what’s being said about them online, patients are increasingly relying on online doctor reviews to make decisions about their care. Is your organization doing anything to manage doctors’ online reputations? 

Docs approve of online health tools

As we reported earlier, patients want to be to given access to their own electronic records. Here’s another way patients want to get more involved in their own care. 

5 benefits of giving patients access to their own EHR

As hospitals start adopting electronic records or switch to new EHR systems, here’s a feature recent research says it may pay to include: