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Program gives support to dying hospital patients

Part of a hospital’s job involves administering care to dying patients. While many patients have family members and friends at their bedside if the worst happens, not every patient has that luxury. Some facilities have responded to that need by creating programs designed to give patients comfort and support during their last moments. 

End-of-life care: What patients expect isn’t what they get

Few patients talk to their doctors about end-of-life care options — but they want to. That’s just one of many disparities in how patients want to handle their care.

End-of-life care: More intensive, but less time in hospital

What constitutes end-of-life care in the U.S. is changing. We’re spending less time in the hospital in our final months, even as we get more visits from health care professionals.

How doctors’ religious beliefs impact patient care

A doctor’s faith — or lack of it — can dramatically affect the type of care terminally ill patients get.

End-of-life care and the ‘race gap’

Black cancer patients are less likely to have their end-of-life care wishes followed. The question is why.