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Docs believe EMRs are safer than paper – patients not so sure

A new survey shows a majority of doctors believe electronic health records (EHRs) are better for protecting sensitive patient information than paper charts – but they may need to convince their patients that EHRs are secure.

Survey: Providers still buried in paperwork, despite EHRs

Though electronic health records (EHRs) are catching on, a new survey says many healthcare organizations are still struggling to get rid of all their paper documents. 

EHRs lead to better care and results for diabetes patients

Patients with diabetes achieve better outcomes when they’re treated at practices that use electronic health records, compared to practices that rely on paper records, recent research says.

Huge jump in office-based EMR implementation in 2011

Use of electronic health records is increasing quickly – but some groups of doctors and hospitals are holding off on implementing EHR systems, mostly due to the price tag.