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5 steps for preventing the insider threat

Digital communications and information technologies are reshaping modern healthcare. They’re also opening hospitals up to new security threats. In this guest post, Kon Leong, president, CEO and co-founder of a specialized provider of electronic content archiving software, offers five ways data protection and fraud prevention stakeholders can protect their facilities from the threat from within. 

Freedom, not pay, is the best employee motivator, says management expert

Though in many industries, there are still a lot of job seekers competing for a few jobs, that’s not the case in health care – especially when it comes to IT employees. 

The 25 best hospitals to work for in the U.S.

Assessing elements like opportunities for professional development, exceptional benefits, compensation, activities, efficient workflow and employee satisfaction , our editors have compiled a list of hospitals in alphabetical order that offer the best working environments in the United States.   Bailey Medical Center – Owasso, OK BMC has been recognized as one of the top places […] [MORE]

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