Healthcare News & Insights

Hospital’s nursing shortage turns deadly

Under-staffing isn’t just a management problem and a hassle for nurses. A new report shows it can have deadly results.

Emergency planning: Many hospitals fall short

One-third — or more — of hospitals have glaring gaps in their emergency response plans.

Calling the boss nuts on Facebook? Feds say it’s OK

What health care pros can and can’t say online about their employers is up for debate, thanks to an important new legal case. The fallout could have huge repercussions for both hospitals and their employees.

Report: Only half of attacks on ER nurses reported

A new study by the Emergency Nurses Association (ENA) reveals startling levels of violence against emergency department nurses.

More preventive care being offered in Emergency departments

A new survey confirms the vast majority of emergency departments are offering preventive services — whether or not they should is a matter of some debate.

Study: Expanded tele-care programs can save more money

Expanding telephone-based care management programs to larger groups of patients can lower total health care costs.

Advanced EHRs slash ER wait times

The right electronic health records (EHR) system can have a significant impact on key measures of quality.

Fraud, drug use and stalking: Just another day in the pediatric ER?

Allegations of drug abuse and stalking — just what you want in your pediatrician’s background.

On-site, professional interpreters make ERs safer, more effective

Making it easier for non-English speakers to communicate has benefits for everyone in the Emergency department.

Nurses posted dying patient’s graphic photo on Facebook

Note to emergency room personnel: Refrain from taking grisly photos of dying patients and posting them online.