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Top health care tech trends for 2012

Technology is moving faster than ever and health care organizations of all sizes are constantly adjusting to what’s new. Here are the top tech trends that’ll be changing how you do your job in 2012.

Survey: Most patients leery of EHRs due to privacy concerns

Electronic health records may be the way health care is moving, but that doesn’t mean patients are ready for it.

EHR adoption growing… slowly

Adoption of electronic health records is expanding — but don’t expect to say goodbye to paper just yet.

The scary truth about two common drugs

A potentially dangerous side effect of two commonly prescribed drugs was just uncovered — and the way it was found is just as interesting as the actual side effect.

EHR adoption survey: Are you lagging behind your peers?

Adoption of electronic health records continues apace — with many more practices planning to implement the technology in the very near future.

Wikileaks gives some more reason to fear EHRs

So far, Wikileaks’ release of embarrassing government documents has been limited to foreign policy issues. But some fear it’s a sign that the feds can’t protect electronic health records, either.

Study: Why docs won’t email their patients

Only 7% of physicians regularly use e-mail to interact with patients. Why don’t more busy docs use this time-saving tool?

Are EHR shortcuts causing as many problems as they solve?

Using electronic health records can make visits more efficient  for both patients and health care providers. But overuse of certain kinds of shortcuts turns that benefit into a potential problem.

Latest crop of med students expects to use EHRs in their practices

Hospitals and practices that are hiring, be advised: 70% of current med students say the availabilty of EHRs will be a deciding factor in where they choose to practice.

Advanced EHRs slash ER wait times

The right electronic health records (EHR) system can have a significant impact on key measures of quality.