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Electronic health data transfer: Where hospitals stand right now

Is your hospital still using faxes to transmit patients’ health info after they’re discharged to various facilities and providers? While many facilities still are, it’s time to get on the bandwagon with electronic data transfer to share patients’ info because of all the benefits available. 

Breaking down the silos: How to achieve EHR interoperability

Achieving electronic health record (EHR) interoperability is necessary for hospitals, but it hasn’t been achieved due to too many silos. In this guest post, Elizabeth Buckle, manager, product management at a health information technology and services provider, details what healthcare organizations should look for as they evaluate new solutions to achieve full interoperability.

Middleware solutions gaining popularity as interoperability sling shot

A major source of safety issues and frustrations in the healthcare industry is the lack of electronic health records (EHR) interoperability. In this guest post, Thanh Tran, CEO of a medical software company, offers up middleware solutions as an option to bringing this problem to an end.