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Nurses demand hospital halt EHR implementation

It’s critical to get clinicians on board when adopting a new health IT system. At one hospital, nurses are rebelling against the organization’s plan for deploying EHRs and are demanding the implementation be delayed. 

Survey: Docs use EHRs, but struggle to meet meaningful use requirements

While a large percentage of healthcare providers have switched to electronic health records (EHRs), a lot of them are still struggling to keep up with the meaningful use requirements necessary to receive federal EHR incentive payments. 

3 lessons from EHR veterans

Hospitals face a number of challenges when they implement a new EHR system and may end up struggling to maintain productivity at first. But planning ahead can help overcome those obstacles. 

More than 80% of family doctors will use EHRs by the end of the year, study says

Despite some trepidation about the positive impact of EHRs and other health IT as it’s currently being implemented, adoption of EHRs is only picking up speed, a new study says. 

Study: More doctors using sophisticated EHR systems

As EHR adoption in general grows, the use of more sophisticated EHR systems among office-based physicians is also quickly increasing. 

Small practices catching up in EHR adoption

Though larger organizations were the first to switch to electronic health records, a new survey says small practices and solo physicians are catching up and installing EHR systems in big numbers.