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Hospitals finding ways to cope with growing shortage

Hospitals across the nation may be facing one of the most wide-reaching — and most expensive — drug shortages ever. What is it? 

Obama takes action on growing drug shortage crisis

The nationwide shortage of key medications is finally getting some attention from the White House.

Congress to investigate drug price gouging claims

Rep. Elijah E. Cummings of Maryland has started the ball rolling for a Congressional investigation into allegations of companies price-gouging hospitals in the wake of nationwide shortages of key drugs. 

Drug shortages blamed in deaths of at least 15 patients

Nationwide shortages of key drugs have led to price gouging. And now some experts say the crisis has led directly to over a dozen patient deaths. 

Drug shortages lead to pill scalping

Shortages of some key medications are leading some to make a living scalping prescription drugs the way some folks make cash off concert tickets.