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Workers with drug addictions: How to respond

Prescription drug abuse is on the rise. The growing problem affects hospitals – and not just because they’re treating more people who overdose on medications. Hospital workers who struggle with addiction often steal drugs intended for patients, and the lengths they go to cover it up can create dangerous situations. 

6 infectious disease outbreaks linked to hospital drug thefts: Patients at high risk

The widespread theft of drugs from hospitals reflects what experts say is a nationwide surge of prescription-drug abuse — and in many cases the culprits are the very people entrusted with caring for patients. 

Nurse steals patient’s meds, tells him to ‘Man up’

People can have strange reactions when given Fentanyl — which is why nurses shouldn’t shoot up with the drug while assisting a surgery.

Nurses with knives? Dangerous staffers with clean records

You assume the new staffer who just passed a background check has a clean record. A recent investigation shows that’s just not the case.

Staffer steals Fentanyl, infects patients with Hep C

Stoned staffers roaming the halls present more than just the obvious risks to patients.