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Dogs may help hospitals fight superbugs

Infection control is a serious issue for hospitals, especially regarding deadly superbugs. These bacteria sicken thousands of patients each year, and hospitals are trying many tactics to keep them under control. Soon, they may have some assistance in sniffing out superbugs from man’s best friend. 

New guidance for animals, pet therapy in hospitals

Despite the proven benefits pet therapy programs have on patients’ recovery, there are some risks. And hospitals haven’t had much guidance for creating policies to reduce these risks – until now.

De-stressing program gets a tails up from humans and canines

There’s no doubt about it. Hospitals are stressful places to work. And for the men and women who provide care to patients, day in and day out, the stress can take its toll on them. But one nurse is helping her co-workers forget their worries and get happy with a special kind of therapy. 

Paging Dr. Pooch: Dogs almost as accurate as colonoscopies

Man’s best friend may also be his cutest diagnostician.