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mHealth offers population health benefits — and pitfalls

Advances in mobile health technology are giving providers new tools to track patients’ symptoms and improve care — but experts warn mHealth comes with its own kind of pitfalls. 

Study links depression to higher risk of stroke

A new study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association found that people with depression, or even symptoms of depression, have a higher risk for stroke. If you’re thinking you already knew that, here’s something you probably didn’t know: Even if depression symptoms go away, the risk for stroke doesn’t. 

Study: ICU patients suffer with depression

One-third of patients admitted to an intensive care unit (ICU) develop depression that causes physical symptoms rather than the typical psychological signs, a new study finds. 

Can deep brain stimulation ‘zap’ out mental illness?

Electrodes used to control Parkinson’s tremors may have additional therapeutic uses for patients with some types of mental illness.

Want the most depressing job? Work in health care!

Who’s got the most depressing job in the world? It might be you.

Overcrowded hospitals lead to depressed nurses

New research shows overcrowded hospital units can negatively impact the health of employees working in them.

Mental health: There’s an app for that

The latest treatment for a variety of mental illnesses may be as close as a patient’s phone.