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More patients seeking dental care in the ER

Routine dental care is driving more people to the emergency room — at a greater cost and with less efficiency.

Dentists less likely to see Medicaid patients in an emergency

A recent study found that even dentists enrolled as providers in the Illinois Medicaid program were less likely to fit in an emergency appointment than they were for a patient with private insurance.

Teen pulls his own teeth with pliers, father had refused dentist visit

After a 14 year old boy pulled his own teeth out with pliers, his father now faces two charges of endangerment for not bringing him to the dentist.

Improper equipment cleaning exposes 1,800 veterans to disease

HIV and hepatitis are just some of the diseases that may have been passed on to several hundred ex-soldiers by unclean dental equipment.

EHRs in rural areas have huge impact on improved patient care

There’s new evidence that EHRs significantly improve overall care in rural areas by allowing health care providers to work with more patients in the same amount of time.