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How to spot & handle dementia in older hospital patients

When providing care to elderly patients, hospital staff need to take multiple factors into consideration, since many seniors have a variety of medical conditions. It’s especially important to be aware of whether a patient has dementia so the person can be treated accordingly. 

Elderly patient beaten by workers at assisted living center

Two health care workers have been charged with a variety of crimes related to the alleged beating of a dementia patient care in their care.

Treated to death

Despite, or because of, mind-boggling advances in medical technology, many people at the end of life are suffering harder, more painful deaths. How do we balance the hope of a cure against the reality of death?

Joint Commission warns: Suicide risk extends outside the ER and psych wards

A new Sentinel Event Alert from the Joint Commission warns health care providers that non-psychiatric patients are committing suicide in a variety of inpatient units.

Hospital delirium: Growing threat in geriatric care

Increasing numbers of experts are calling for “hospital delirium” prevention programs as a way to reduce this major risk to patients. 

New test for Alzheimer’s may be on the way

A new type of brain scan could give doctors their first chance to prove Alzheimer’s diagnoses while patients are alive.

Does Grandma need GPS for her walker?

Dementia patients wandering off has been a growing problem for hospitals, nursing homes and patient families. A new service designed to keep track of at-risk patients might be worth looking into.

Grandpa-on-grandpa crime: Nursing home sees wave of violence

Yet another nursing home resident is accused of killing a fellow patient — this time over a pot roast.

Nightmare at the nursing home shines light on geriatric care crisis

A 100-year-old woman was allegedly strangled by her roommate at a nursing center — just steps from the nurses’ station. Could staff have prevented it?