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New EHR risk gives wider cybersecurity lessons

Microsoft researchers are shining a light on a significant vulnerability in electronic health records (EHRs) — and on why technical safeguards are only one side of the cybersecurity equation. 

How some hospitals are automating cybersecurity

In the ongoing fight to guard patients’ protected health information (PHI) and prevent data breaches, new research shows most providers are still struggling — but some have found effective methods to help. 

Study says cyberattacks are on the rise — now what?

There’s another reason to worry about your data security — research shows cyberattacks have become the top cause of breaches. 

Can your hospital respond well to data breaches?

Hospitals are definitely taking data security more seriously, but are they doing enough to secure patients’ protected health information (PHI)? 

Protect your hospital from security threats caused by mobile devices

Hospitals are taking some big risks when it comes to IT security, particularly when it comes to staffers’ use of mobile devices.

Is your hospital prepared to handle problems with IT security?

A major breakdown in IT security could cost your hospital millions – have you fully assessed your risk?

How hospitals can keep wireless networks secure

As more work gets done on portable devices such as laptops, smartphones and tablets, hospitals are finding a new source of significant security vulnerabilities: the wireless network. 

3 ways hospitals can help prevent medical identity theft

Medical identity theft is becoming a big financial danger for patients – and it’s hurting hospitals, too. 

The basic practice that could have prevented 2 big HIPAA breaches

More than 730,000 patients recently had their personal information compromised by criminals in two separate incidents targeting hospitals. They both could have been avoided if those organizations had followed a single basic procedure: 

Medical identity theft on the rise: How hospitals can help

Medical identity theft is becoming an increasingly common crime. Here are some of the steps hospitals can take to better protect their patients.