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Top types of cyberattacks on hospital, healthcare networks

Hospitals must continue to be vigilant when preventing ransomware and other malicious cyberattacks on their networks. If an unauthorized third-party gains access to hospital systems, it could cause many problems, including data breaches and system shutdowns. 

5 ways to stop cyberattacks on your hospital

If your hospital experienced a cyberattack, it would severely disrupt operations. To avoid any problems, facilities need to make sure their IT departments are being proactive with network security by detecting and eliminating threats quickly. 

Hospitals may be top target of cyberattacks in 2017

Cyberattacks on healthcare providers have grown more popular in recent years – especially with the rise of ransomware incidents in hospitals. And that trend shows no sign of stopping in the coming year. In fact, experts say the situation may get worse in 2017. 

Hackers add new targets to their hit lists

Cyberattacks continue to rise and hackers are setting their sights on new targets — the feds and the Cloud. 

Study says cyberattacks are on the rise — now what?

There’s another reason to worry about your data security — research shows cyberattacks have become the top cause of breaches. 

What the feds are planning next for cybersecurity

It should come as no surprise that the feds are worried about cybersecurity. But what can providers expect this year from the government to put the brakes on this growing issue? 

Can mergers expose you to more cyberthreats?

Cybersecurity remains a top area of concern for most hospital leaders. And now there’s another reason to stay vigilant.