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3 ways hackers are exploiting COVID-19 to attack hospitals

The COVID-19 crisis has prompted unprecedented change and collaboration across the healthcare industry. Examples include institutions launching operational reorganizations, sharing data between competing health systems, and calling on clinical volunteers to help respond to and prepare for the new wave of cases across the country. 

Telemedicine: Sharing records securely & quickly is vital during COVID-19 pandemic

Never have telehealth services been more vital than during the coronavirus pandemic. In this guest post, Lawrence Kaelin, MD, Chief Medical Officer/Founder of a provider of health information exchange services, explains why telehealth is so important in today’s healthcare system. 

Managing healthcare receivables amid COVID-19 challenges

Drive down the street in any city or town, and you’ll see signs honoring healthcare heroes for their brave work fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. What you won’t see is the battle being waged behind the scenes at many hospitals against financial insolvency.

Fighting coronavirus using data collection: Latest for hospitals

New York City-headquartered data and analytics company Information Builders has launched a COVID-19 Resource Center to help healthcare organizations better understand and manage the coronavirus pandemic, which continues to affect daily life in the U.S. 

Preparing for a potential surge in deferred non-coronavirus care

The prioritization of creating capacity for coronavirus patients and preserving personal protective equipment (PPE) meant making the costly move of postponing elective procedures and preventive diagnostic services. Meanwhile, patients with chronic and acute conditions in need of care may be avoiding hospital settings to avoid contracting COVID-19. 

Coronavirus: Antibody testing, development of treatments & vaccines underway

The next wave of coronavirus testing involves serology tests to identify antibodies that help fight off the infection. 

Next coronavirus curve to flatten: Managing your staff’s mental health

Your staff has been going above and beyond for more than two solid months treating cases of COVID-19 and containing community spread of the coronavirus. But it may be coming at the cost of their mental well-being. 

Coronavirus: Latest on telehealth, technology & treatments

Sishir Reddy, co-CEO of the Los Angeles-based healthcare tech services company Episource, saw an industry pivot toward telehealth coming even before the coronavirus forced it to the forefront of patient care. 

Taking extra precautions for surgeries during the coronavirus emergency

Some procedures can’t be put off, even during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Coronavirus: Emergency aid, new reporting options for hospitals

To help in the battle against coronavirus, hospitals will be getting an additional $75 billion from a new $484 billion stimulus package signed into law at the end of last week.