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Study: Canadian doctors save billions by using EHRs

In part because of federal incentive funds, many hospitals have been adopting electronic health record (EHR) systems in recent years. But are those investments paying off? 

Employee health habits have a big impact on hospitals’ costs

You may not think the health of your hospital’s employees is as important as your patients’ health, but think again: Employees’ health habits can have a significant effect on your hospital’s bottom line.

Research says hospitals in healthcare systems provide better care

New research from Truven Health Analytics shows healthcare consolidation has more than just economic benefits.

Value-based purchasing: How your hospital can prepare now

A new survey of hospital execs conducted by Forbes Insights indicates that, while a vast majority believe value-based purchasing (VBP) is the wave of the future for the healthcare industry, changes are needed to implement this system.

Study: Hospital at home program benefits patients while keeping costs low

To stay competitive in the current healthcare climate, hospitals must be willing to think differently when it comes to patient care – perhaps by taking inspiration from the “house calls” of days gone by.

Hospital collaborative improves surgical outcomes, saves big bucks

A collaborative of 10 hospitals in Tennessee managed to reduce their rates of acute renal failure, surgical site infections and wound disruption, all while saving millions.

CMS bestows first Healthcare Innovation Awards

Twenty-six organizations received the honor of being the first granted with the Healthcare Innovation Awards. Check out what these groups did to win a total of $122.6 million.