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Hand sanitizer dispensers: Studies reveal two ways to cut down contamination rate in OR

Believe it or not, two common-sense remedies — cleaning hand sanitizer dispensers and giving healthcare workers their own hand gel — are two ways hospitals can significantly lower their contamination rate in operating rooms (OR).

Alarming new study: 15% of endoscopes weren’t completely clean

Are the endoscopes in your hospital clean? Chances are at least one in four isn’t and contains some kind of “bio-dirt” — cells and material from previous patients. At least that’s what a new study found.

Are hospital cleaning protocols good enough for decontamination?

Acinetobacter baumannii is a significant pathogen associated with hospital-acquired infections (HAIs). It colonizes and infects hospitalized patients, leading to increased morbidity and morality, especially in intensive care and burn units. And a recent study found hospital cleaning protocols may be inadequate when it comes to decontamination of multidrug-resistant (MDR) Acinetobacter baumannii.

Contaminated IVs suspected in deaths of nine patients

Alabama public health officials are investigating an outbreak of bacterial infections at six hospitals in the state. 

Short-sleeved lab coats just as germy as long-sleeved

New research refutes the idea that shorter-sleeved lab coats are less likely to transmit bacteria among patients.

10 medical devices are potential time bombs

As much as technology has helped advance medicine, it can have a harmful side, too. When broken or used improperly, devices meant to heal can harm — or even cause death.