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Relationship between antibiotics, hospital beds & C. diff

Hospitals must do their part to reduce antibiotic use so they can stop the spread of deadly infections, including C. diff. If they aren’t necessary, these drugs can jeopardize the health of not just the patients who are prescribed them, but other hospital patients as well. And the risk can begin by assigning them a […] [MORE]

Not respecting patients has consequences

Respecting hospital patients can go a long way toward improving their outcomes. A good number of patients are feeling alienated by clinical staff during hospital stays – and this can cause medical errors to increase for your facility.

Consumer Reports rates cancer screenings

Consumer Reports now offers ratings of cancer screening tests just like they do for cars, cameras, computers, snow blowers, etc.

Consumer Reports releases national hospital safety ratings

On the heels of the recently reported safety scores compiled by the Leapfrog Group comes another hospital safety ranking – this time from Consumer Reports.

Dangerous levels of arsenic found in apple juice

A recent Consumer Reports study of 88 samples of apple and grape juices made a startling discover: 10% of those samples contained arsenic at levels higher than federal standards for drinking water.