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What’s stunting telehealth growth?

Telehealth is gaining more support from patients and politicians — but there are still significant hurdles to its effective use. 

Spike in hospital observation stays despite two-midnight rule

Medicare’s controversial two-midnight or “Cinderella” rule, aimed at saving money by reducing the number of hospital observation stays, is doing just the opposite.

SGR and ICD-10 postponed: Good news or bad news?

A new law is adding yet another “doc fix” to delay Medicare pay again. Also delayed, for reasons no one really understands, is the ICD-10 start date. 

Congress demands CMS reforms RAC program

If the Medicare Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) program is a thorn in your hospital’s side, there’s good news. Congress is demanding the RAC program be reformed.

Will Medicare’s sustainable growth rate finally get fixed?

Every year now for what seems like forever, Medicare threatens physicians with a severe cut in Medicare pay, and Congress has to step in at the last minute and save the day. Reason: Medicare’s sustainable growth rate (SGR) formula is severely flawed. That’s why this year Congress released a draft SGR-replacement proposal on Oct. 31.

Can physicians really afford a pay cut?

Every year it’s the same old thing — due to the sustainable growth rate, physicians are threatened with a cut to their Medicare reimbursement rate. But at the last second Congress steps in and stops the scheduled cut. It’s been this way since 2002. Could things be changing this year?

Supercommittee fails: What does it mean for health care?

The so-called Supercommittee intended to reach a bipartisan deal for the federal budget has officially failed — and health care pros are scrambling to figure out what it means for their organizations.

Congress to investigate drug price gouging claims

Rep. Elijah E. Cummings of Maryland has started the ball rolling for a Congressional investigation into allegations of companies price-gouging hospitals in the wake of nationwide shortages of key drugs. 

AMA survey: The public wants action on Medicare cuts now

Physicians have broad support in their push to get Congress to act on the Dec. 1 cut in Medicare payments.

Health reform jumps first hurdle, but has anything changed?

While politicians continue to make noise over the recent passage of a health reform bill in the House, the situation health care providers face in the trenches seems unlikely to change much.