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Why healthcare execs should be counting their blessings

A recent study examined how large company CEOs were compensated in fiscal year 2011. Guess what it found out about healthcare executives?

Survey results: Compensation levels for medical directors

The 2011 Medical Director Survey provides the latest data on what other hospitals are paying medical directors and physicians with administrative positions.

Do hospital CEOs make too much?

There’s been angry reaction to the recent revelation that three public hospital CEOs are among the highest paid public employees in California. Is the pay — or the anger — justified?

It pays to be the health CEO

Workers on the frontline of health care weren’t immune from the effects of the recession, but it seems company CEOs made out OK.

Hospital execs saw smaller raises this year

Health care may have been spared the worst of the recession, but there have been effects on workers and execs.

Family practice docs spending more time per patient: Pros and cons

New research shows family practice doctors have been seeing adult patients more often, and spending more time per patient visit. So what’s the outcome of all those extra hours?

Excess doc pay leads to $4.5M settlement

An Iowa hospital has agreed to pay $4.5 million to settle charges about misusing Medicare funds to compensate certain doctors.