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How nonprofit hospitals measure up with charity care

Under healthcare reform rules, nonprofit hospitals must be up front with patients about their eligibility for charity care if they wish to keep their tax-exempt status. But according to a new study, some facilities aren’t fully living up to their end of the bargain, which could cause big problems. 

Healthcare reform may hurt hospitals’ profits

It’s been said that the expansion of Medicaid through the Affordable Care Act has helped hospitals improve their bottom lines. But a new analysis suggests that healthcare reform may not be as beneficial as it seems to hospitals’ financial picture. 

New ways for hospitals to stop unnecessary ED use

Even with all the changes brought about by healthcare reform, “superutilizers” continue to be a big problem in hospital emergency departments (ED). And some facilities are coming up with unique ways to curb this problem.

Proposed rule takes the edge off looming hospital funding cuts

Hospitals worried about how looming Affordable Care Act requirements may affect their budgets are getting a bit of a reprieve with a new proposed rule affecting federal funding.