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Two hospital execs face life in prison for Medicare fraud

The CEO of a Florida psychiatric hospital and her three co-conspirators were convicted on June 28 for their participation in a Medicare fraud scheme that involved nearly $70 million in fraudulent billings. 

Why healthcare execs should be counting their blessings

A recent study examined how large company CEOs were compensated in fiscal year 2011. Guess what it found out about healthcare executives?

Hospital executive gets 3 years in prison

David Rosen, former CEO of MediSys Health Network, the operator of Jamaica Hospital Medical Center, Brookdale University Hospital and Flushing Hospital Medical Center, has been sentenced to three years in prison for bribery.

Do hospital CEOs make too much?

There’s been angry reaction to the recent revelation that three public hospital CEOs are among the highest paid public employees in California. Is the pay — or the anger — justified?