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Rural hospitals: Keys to addressing top challenges with healthcare delivery

Rural hospitals face unique challenges compared to other, larger facilities. The American Hospital Association (AHA) is advocating for policy changes designed to make life easier for rural hospitals, but in the meantime, these facilities may have to get creative to successfully navigate the current healthcare landscape. 

Doctors reveal their biases in new survey

Whether they’re positive or negative, most people have biases in some areas. You don’t want to think your hospital’s physicians allow any biases to adversely affect patient care, but according to new research, they may have a bigger impact than doctors think. 

4 strategies to make changes in your hospital

Whether it’s using new technology or implementing a different safety procedure, hospitals that want to make significant changes to how they deliver care must have certain elements present in their culture.

Health IT goals your hospital must meet

Do you know what IT improvements your hospital needs to make down the line? The feds just released a list of health IT goals that’ll help hospitals guide any future changes.

Keep hospital staff engaged: 3 keys

The best way to ensure your hospital meets its performance goals is through working with a quality staff that’s engaged and committed to providing the best possible care.

6 steps to transform your hospital’s bedside care team

As value-based reimbursement models grow in popularity, it will be even more crucial for members of your hospital’s bedside care team to work well together to provide high-quality, efficient patient care.