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Statins to get new warning labels about diabetes risk

Several popular cholesterol-lowering drugs are about to get updated warning labels that may scare off some patients.

101 patients file suit against doc, hospital for unnecessary stents

A doctor stands accused of performing unneeded, invasive heart procedures on patients — and now the patients are fighting back.

The case of the unread ECHOs: Lessons for docs and patients

The recent disclosure that more than 7,000 ECHOs were never read by a physician has folks up in arms — but not for the reason you’d probably expect.

Study: 36% of docs won’t report an incompetent colleague

Bad news for those who assumed impaired and incompetent physicians would be reported by their peers.

Kickbacks cost hospitals $2.6M in settlement with feds

A whistle-blowing cardiologist has cost two hospitals millions to settle claims that they engaged in an illegal kickback-for-referral scheme.

Patients who check out against medical advice cost hospitals more

Patients who leave the hospital without a doctor’s OK aren’t just putting themselves at risk, they’re raising the cost of care.

Nine hospitals test a radical new informed consent form

Any clinician has seen a patient’s eyes glaze over — or widen in terror — when faced with a consent form that includes dozens of potential risks ranging from infection to death. A process to better inform patients often only confuses them.

Fraud watch: 300+ unneeded stents implanted by one doc

So far, at least 369 patients of one hospital have learned they didn’t need the stents their cardiologist implanted.

Settlement agreement in Health Alliance whistleblower suit

A health system accused of illegally providing kickbacks to favored cardiologists has reached an agreement to settle with the feds. And the cardiologist who first brought the case to light stands to make a mint.

Generics may not be as effective as we thought

The more research that’s done, the more some physicians worry that generic meds do work differently than the brand names they copy.