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Physician whistleblowers can sue hospitals without exhausting administrative remedies

An appeals court ruling in California that gives physicians the right to sue hospitals without having to exhaust administrative processes may have far-reaching effects. 

Popular TV shows to promote Affordable Care Act in California

Most hospital executives are interested in the election to see how it’ll affect the spending of healthcare dollars. But like most Americans, you’re probably tired of the constant bombardment of political commercials on TV. Well, get ready, because it’s going to get worse, especially in California.

Court ruling: CRNAs don’t need physician supervision

Chalk one up for certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs). They won their legal battle in California over the state’s opt-out rule!

14 hospitals rack up $850k in fines for dangerous errors

California recently fined 14 hospitals a total of $850,000 for a variety of errors that put patients at risk. 

Why do bad doctors go unpunished?

What kind of discipline do doctors face when they commit serious violations of patient safety? In many cases, nothing at all.

What puts an ER at risk of closing?

A recent study in the Annals of Emergency Medicine found three main factors put a given hospital’s emergency department at risk.

Patient found dead on hospital grounds hours after release from ER

A hospital is facing questions after a recently released patient died on hospital grounds — and after a lengthy wait for someone to actually assist him. 

Feds start medical marijuana crackdown in California

Medical marijuana dispensaries face property seizure and prison time if the feds follow through on their threat to shut down state dispensaries.

How did hospital lose 20k patient records for a year?

One of the country’s leading hospitals is trying to explain how 20,000 patient records ended up on a homework-help site for nearly a year.

Don’t try this at home: DIY hernia surgery goes bad

From the Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time file: