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C-sections: Reducing rates, improving outcomes

C-section rates are consistently high for American mothers, and groups like the World Health Organization (WHO) have tasked hospitals with keeping expectant mothers safe. Various interventions can be effective in reducing the rates of C-sections and minimizing complications for mothers who do have them. 

Too many C-sections in hospitals

The rates of hospital C-sections are higher than ever. This suggests many new mothers don’t actually need the procedure. One patient-safety group is bringing attention to this fact and calling on hospitals to make better judgments. 

Tipping the scales in the maternity ward

The rise in obesity is creating additional complications for one branch of medicine in particular.

Case study: Fewer C-sections, healthier babies

While many doctors maintain that C-sections and labor induction are neccessary to ensure healthier deliveries, one Florida hospital has proven the opposite.

Docs perform C-section on woman who wasn’t pregnant

There’s a lot of debate about whether C-sections are used too frequently. Performing one on a woman who’s not even pregnant takes that discussion to a whole new level.

Who will be the last OB/GYN standing?

Alarming trend: There are fewer OB/GYNs, and those left are curtailing the services they offer.