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Top 3 BYOD policy mistakes healthcare organizations make

Healthcare employees are bringing personal devices to work – whether their employers say it’s OK or not. That’s why security experts say it’s critical to create an effective BYOD policy. 

Most patients worry about doctors’ mobile devices

Health IT pros have a lot of concerns about the security of data when it’s held on clinicians’ personal mobile devices. But there’s another group out there that might share in IT’s worries about BYOD security: 

3 ways to overcome understaffing and keep patient data secure

As more patient information goes digital, healthcare providers need to focus more on IT security. But there’s one big obstacle in the way: understaffing in the IT department. 

BYOD issues: Make sure your hospital is protected

Allowing employees to use their own electronic, portable devices at work can save hospitals money by reducing hardware costs, but it can also put facilities at risk of violating HIPAA security standards. That’s why it’s vital for hospitals to develop and implement a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) program.