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Kansas hospital spent $1.2 million on failed EHR installation

Installing an EHR system is a big undertaking – and if it’s not done properly, it can result in a lot of wasted time and money, as one hospital recently learned. 

Survey: Hospitals are installing EHRs, but don’t know how they’ll pay for them

Electronic health record (EHR) systems bring a lot of benefits to hospitals, but they also require significant investments. And many organizations have doubts about how much funding they have available to install EHRs.

Survey details the costs of an EHR implementation

When planning to implement an EHR system, organizations likely put a lot of thought into the cost of the system itself. But it’s also critical to plan for all of the extra costs associated with the installation. 

Hospital spending to slow – except in IT

Compared to last year, fewer hospitals plan to increase capital spending in the coming months. However, much of the spending increases that are made will go toward new health IT investments. 

Report: Cost of protecting patient data on the rise

We reported recently on the increasing costs of health data breaches. Now, a new report says organizations will have to spend more to keep health data safe. 

70% of small providers can’t afford to protect patient data

Keeping electronic patient data safe from security attacks is a challenge for all healthcare organizations, but it’s especially difficult for smaller providers that often have a harder time finding the resources to improve security. 

Study: Providers want health information exchanges, but lack budgets to deploy them

Health executives see the value in health information exchanges (HIEs) for improving care and streamlining operations, but their organizations are concerned about having the budget to develop them, according to a recent survey. 

Feds to spend $6.5 billion on health IT

Here’s more evidence that the federal government is putting a lot of faith in the value of healthcare information technology. 

Supercommittee fails: What does it mean for health care?

The so-called Supercommittee intended to reach a bipartisan deal for the federal budget has officially failed — and health care pros are scrambling to figure out what it means for their organizations.

‘Green’ facilities: Earth-friendly and cash-flush

Reducing energy in a facility that literally has to function full-bore, 24/7 isn’t easy. But some health care facilities are finding their efforts to go green bear a lot of fruit.