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Freelance breast examiner reaches plea agreement

Sure, it’s breast cancer awareness month, but this is the wrong way to mark the occasion.

Mom claims she lost custody of her kids due to cancer

A woman fighting Stage 4 cancer says her diagnosis was unfairly used against her in a child custody case.

Aid program won’t pay for man’s breast cancer treatment

Being a 26-year-old with breast cancer is unlucky enough. When patient aid programs refuse to help because you’re a man it seems doubly unfair.

Baa-aad medicine: Meet Alfie, the cancer-detecting sheep

A British sheep named Alfie is being credited with diagnosing his owner’s cancer and sending her to the doctor for treatment.

New screening guidelines — and the questions they raise in patients’ minds

The recently changed recommendations for women to seek breast and cervical cancer screenings less often are raising questions, as well as hackles.

Patient paranoia: Odds are new site makes it worse

Get ready for more paranoid patients and rousing trivia contests in the break rooms. A new “all-factoid” site provides plenty of ammunition for both.