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Does your hospital’s website need a facelift?

People who come to your hospital’s website are typically in a hurry and may not be in the best mood. Since this is your chance to make a great first impression, you don’t want to screw it up. And if your hospital’s website hasn’t been updated in the past few years, there’s a very good […] [MORE]

Patient satisfaction: High-performing hospitals share simple best practices

Just like any other business, hospitals are competing for customers. And the ones that seem to be coming out on top are those with a patient-centered care focus. So how do high-performing hospitals get that way? 

5 practical ways for your hospital to go green

Hospitals are significant contributors to pollution. That’s why it’s crucial for facilities to be more sustainable and look for ways to go green. And it’s not just to save the Earth: The health of patients depends on it. 

Best practices hospitals can take from top 15 health systems

The nation’s top 15 health systems have been analyzed, and they all have something in common — a focus on creating strong financial structures and using best practices. 

Best practices your facility’s supply chain should be following

  What is the second most costly — and fastest growing — expense for most hospitals? 

Best practices for enhancing doctor/nurse relationships

There is no better marketing for hospitals than positive word-of-mouth endorsements from former patients to other consumers. Of course, providing quality care is one way to get them, and here’s a key to achieving quality care:

4 key steps: Caring for wander-risk patients

The last thing any facility wants is for an elderly patient with dementia to wander off and get hurt or lost. If that happens you could be faced with angry loved ones and lawsuits.