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Telemedicine and its flaws: Not perfect just yet – but getting there

  Telemedicine is becoming increasingly widespread in the US. As technology becomes an intrinsic part of our lives, and we spend more and more time engaged in our devices, it makes sense to have healthcare administered digitally when possible. In this guest post, Rishi Madhok, MD, and Bo Vargas, co-founders of a telehealth service that […] [MORE]

Top 5 U.S. nurse-friendly hospitals

One key factor to having a quality hospital is having top-notch nurses. After all, they do the majority of everyday patient care. Problem is, there are a lot of options out there for nurses: home care, physician practices, teaching, hospitals, etc. So how do hospitals attract the best nurses in the field?

Top 10 benefits health IT employees want from hospitals

Finding and keeping health IT staff is challenging right now – and it’s made even more difficult when hospitals don’t know what benefits health IT employees want most. 

Robotic surgical system offers major benefits to patients, doctors and hospitals

Why would a hospital let anyone who walked through its doors touch its brand new multimillion dollar robotic surgical system? Actually, there are quite a few reasons. But mainly, it’s a great public relations tactic. It allows the public to see how easy the robot is to operate, familiarizes them with the numerous procedures the […] [MORE]

The 25 best hospitals to work for in the U.S.

Assessing elements like opportunities for professional development, exceptional benefits, compensation, activities, efficient workflow and employee satisfaction , our editors have compiled a list of hospitals in alphabetical order that offer the best working environments in the United States.   Bailey Medical Center – Owasso, OK BMC has been recognized as one of the top places […] [MORE]

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Hospital uses robots to reduce staffing costs

They may not have the greatest bedside manner, but a crew of 19 robots is saving one hospital a lot of money.