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Banner year: OIG Audits and investigations net $6.9M

Sure, your hospital may be struggling financially to make ends meet in this era of providing quality care for less, but the Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) Office of Inspector General (OIG) isn’t suffering along with you. Instead it’s having a record breaking year thanks to its audits and investigations.

Electronic audits keep hospitals on top of possible data breaches

Electronic health record (EHR) systems make it easier for employees to access patient records, even when they aren’t supposed to. But they also make it easier to catch these employees through electronic audits.

Feds to review CMS auditing programs

Chances are audits are going to be getting even tighter in the near future. 

Audit: Mandated insurance still leaves many uncovered

Don’t count on state laws mandating insurance coverage to completely eliminate the number of uninsured people in your ER.