Healthcare News & Insights

Study: Non-responding asthma patients may have different form of the disease

About half of asthma patients may have a different form of the disease which doesn’t respond to some common medications that work for other patients.

Vast majority of patients use inhalers incorrectly

As many as 90% of patients who use inhaled medications do so the wrong way. Fortunately, the correction is relatively simple.

Report: Half of Americans under 65 have pre-existing conditions

Up to 129 million Americans under the age of 65 have medical conditions that would trigger higher prices — or outright rejection — if they had to seek individual health insurance.

CDC report: Surprising info on who’s really uninsured

The commonly held view that most of the uninsured are living in poverty doesn’t jibe with the latest research from the Centers for Disease Control.

Report: Hospital quality on the rise

Good news from the Joint Commission’s latest report on hospital quality: Significant gains were made across the board on key indicators of care quality.

Study: Many chronic childhood illnesses resolve on their own

A new study indicates health care providers may want to rethink how they handle children with seemingly chronic conditions like asthma.

Patient paranoia: Odds are new site makes it worse

Get ready for more paranoid patients and rousing trivia contests in the break rooms. A new “all-factoid” site provides plenty of ammunition for both.