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Hospital group goes to court over Medicaid cuts

An Arizona hospital group has filed suit to block the reduction in reimbursement rates for Medicaid patients.

Doc convicted of murder for lipo gone wrong

An Arizona doctor is now a convicted murderer for his role in the death of three patients undergoing liposuction procedures. 

Pharmacy refills patient’s meds at 10x dose — for nearly a year

A Phoenix woman suffered crippling esophageal spasms for months after a pharmacy repeatedly filled her medication at 10 times the prescribed dose.

Hospital misidentifies dead accident victim; wrong family holds vigil for survivor

After a brutal car accident, an Arizona hospital spent hours trying to identify the injured and dying victims. It didn’t get it right.

Researchers pay settlement for ‘misusing’ donated DNA

A dispute between medical researchers and an Indian tribe that agreed to have members donate DNA for study could have a significant impact on future research and what constitutes informed consent.

Which states are best, worst for disciplining docs?

Public Citizen’s Health Research Group has released its annual report of which states do the best — and worst — job of disciplining doctors who practice bad medicine.

States weigh pros and cons of health reform on their budgets

The newly passed health care law is generally seen as a boon to patients and most providers. But how individual states will fare is much less clear.