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Survey finds more surgeons are abusing alcohol

A new study offers a disturbing glimpse into how many surgeons are abusing alcohol — and the effects that may have on their patients.

Doc’s drink at dinner affects performance at morning surgeries

Researchers have shown that even a few drinks the night before surgery can have significant impact on a doctor’s performance.

Gastric bypass leads to weight loss for entire family

Gastric bypass surgery — and the improved health habits that generally come with it — benefit not just the patient receiving it, but their entire family. 

DNR patients face higher death rates after surgery

Patients with a do not resuscitate (DNRs) order are more likely to die during certain surgeries — for reasons that aren’t clear.

Wrong-site errors: Why do they still happen so often?

Despite hospitals’ best efforts, wrong-site errors still happen far more often than anyone would like. New research sheds light on the root causes.

Study: Docs who own facilities treat patients differently

Whether or not you need knee surgery may depend on if your surgeon has an ownership stake in the local surgical center.

Study: Shorter hours hurt resident training

Despite claims that shortening residents’ hours would improve both their training and patient care, a recent study suggests the opposite is true.

Why are uninsured twice as likely to die in ER?

Health care providers may appear to be giving the same standard of care to insured and uninsured patients. But new research shows patient outcomes are quite different.