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Cloud technology growing more popular in hospitals

Traditionally, hospitals and healthcare providers haven’t been quick to adopt cloud-based technology – mostly due to concerns with security. But with the recent rise in cloud electronic health records (EHR) systems, along with other tech changes, more healthcare professionals are embracing it. 

Tech drives new strategy for patient-satisfaction surveys

Typically, patient-satisfaction surveys aren’t given to patients until the end of their visit, or shortly after they’re discharged. This means hospitals don’t get feedback on patients’ experiences until long after they’ve left. However, one hospital is taking a different approach to gathering feedback. 

Hospitals struggle with mobile apps: How to fix it

To keep up with a tech-savvy population, many hospitals have created apps for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. But according to a new report, these apps aren’t doing everything they should to meet patients’ demands and needs. 

New apps help hospitals prepare for outbreaks, disasters

Hospitals now have three new tech tools to help prepare for cases of disease outbreak or disaster, thanks to Johns Hopkins.